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Camelia Karmala


Camelia writes poetry, short stories and is currently working on her first literary fiction novel. Most of her work is in English but she has also written some poetry and prose in her native language, Romanian. As a self-proclaimed wistful romantic and forlorn idealist, the themes in her work are fraught with the dark uproars of passion, disillusionment, longing, estrangement, whimsical musings and most of all, the ache of something that can never be attained. Her ubiquitous challenge revolves around fighting the impulse to write as if a dictionary has been dropped on her head.

Born in a small town in Transylvania, she later studied English at the University of Bucharest. Now living in Helsinki, she works as a translator and freelance writer while also endeavoring to learn Finnish as her fifth language. Passionate about exploring and creating art in various forms, particularly conceptual art, she enjoys painting abstracts, taking photographs and reciting poetry.

Some of her poems and short stories in English and Romanian have been published in local cultural magazines.

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