How to become a member?

March 15th, 2021 | Csilla Csépke

1 mins read

Who can be a member?

If you are a poet, a writer, aspire to be one and/or interested in the writing craft, you are very welcome to join. Please note that at the meetings we use English, but please do not be shy if English is not your first language, many of us are non-native speakers too, everyone is welcome!

How can you be a member?

The meetings are open for the public, anyone can join. You can find the upcoming events on our Facebook page. At the moment for the safety of all we meet online. The meeting link is to be published in the events and you can find it under the Meet us section, in the bottom of the page.

How does it work?

We are a group of people with different backgrounds, who meet weekly to improve our skilss in writing. We are not an organisation and we do not have membership fees. We do have however a closed, private group, where we share our works, discuss and build a strong community. Here we can invite you after you have attended at least to a few meetings. This way we can make it sure, that in the secret group we do not have numerous inactive poeple, but committed members, who are willing to learn, grow and help other members to improve.