Reflection of Home

November 9th, 2021 | Leah Martin

1 mins read

Wes hides a sack of socks outside. People see him sneaking behind the bushes that line the library. He whistles and mutters, stealing away to the stash we all know is there, but no one wants to find, let alone remove. In another city, they might call the cops— move him along to another sidewalk, another unlocked restroom. Here, we offer a piece of cake, or steak. We tell our kids to say hello, but not to touch him. He startles easily.

He startles easily Do not touch him Tell your kids Piece of Here! Another unlocked restroom Another sidewalk Move him along Call the cops Another city Remove! No one wants him We all know The stash The stealing He mutters Whistles By the library Behind the bushes Sneaking Outside People see A sack of socks Hide Wes!

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