Helsinki Writers Group


About us

February 21st, 2021 | Vladislav Nenchev

Time to read: 1 mins

Helsinki Writers' Group, is a motley cast of writers, poets, and in general creative people that love ideas and stories in written form. We meet in order to share our works, to give feedback to each other, and to discuss writing techniques, and know-how, and know-what.

Our goal is to help each other to become better at writing. We cheer and encourage the strong sides of the works brought to the group, and offer constructive feedback on those parts that can be improved. We do this in a spirit of collaboration, respect, and care. Thus, we disapprove behaviour and works that cause or promote hatespeech, exploitation, or abuse (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, just to name a few of the sadly numerous ways of maltreatment).

The above principles do not serve to enforce censure or restrictions on creativity. We do not ban works that feature or debate negative, but important issues. However, when our works have such content, we take care about how its delivery affects the group and also the intended target audience. We take care to present such works, so that they expose rather than impose the negativity. So that they invoke awareness rather than cause harm.

We welcome you writers, regardless of your genre and experience. We are curious to see your work and hear your feedback. We hope that we will reach together a better state of writing, and a better state of self.

About possible co-operations or project works you can contact us via email at helsinkiwriters[at] or Facebook.